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Through the growth of Wine Berserkers over the last 9 years, one issue that has come up frequently is concerning solicitations, both indirect and direct, by those ITB (In The Business). Because Wine Berserkers happily welcomes those in any form of the wine business - winemakers, wineries, distributors, retailers, collectors, etc - we are often subject to businesses trying to promote their business. In some ways, this can be very good, as often a direct request is made by an individual or group to know more, but those who own or operate a business are not sure how far they can take things, and how much, if any, they can promote their business. Still others try to maximize the huge traffic and fantastic wine-related SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Wine Berserkers and amp up their own website(s) using hyperlinks in their signatures, posting as much as possible, to improve LinkPop.

This huge and growing community reflects a broad variety of interests, even outside wine, and also a broad variety of businesses. I know that I'd prefer to do business with someone from the community than outside it, and often I find myself asking for info about those who work in particular industries in which I might have interest.

We figured out a way to solve the solicitation problem while simultaneously embracing and organizing the latter two ideas mentioned here, and created BerserkerBusiness.

Now ANY Berserker in ANY industry can list his or her business on a special section of the forum community - wineries, retailers, wine products or services, or anything else - and the listings, posts/blogs will be folded within the forum database and interface. Non-BerserkerBusiness members cannot have URLs in their signatures nor avatars that are images of their brand/company.

You will notice that some names are in bold blue - these are the BerserkerBusiness listing owners. Each has created a listing for their business, and we encourage you to consider looking at them if you are considering working with or buying from a business - support those who are your friends and colleagues here. Some BerserkerBusiness folks will choose to have blog entries - these will appear as posts in the 'view new posts' searches, and you'll see them clearly delineated by their unique mini icon, which is a replication of their chosen logo. Some will have the ability for others to comment on their posts, some will not - it is under the control of the owner of the listing.