BerserkerDay 12 (Jan 27, 2021) "The Black Friday of Wine Commerce" - Forbes

Warm up your credit cards and come on in, as here is where you will find all the BerserkerDay offers - open to EVERYONE who loves wine. Apologize to your spouse or significant other ahead of time. #BD12
Forum rules
Forum rules
Not 'Rules', necessarily, but here's how BerserkerDay goes:

I'll be launching offers in groups of 8-10, in increments of 30 minutes. Sponsors will stay pegged at the top of the forum all day, each new group of offers will come in at the top with them for their launch grouping, cycling into the 'normal' thread after their launch time has passed, with a new launch group posted atop the thread thereafter. Discussion is encouraged, as posting replies moves the thread up to the top of the grouping, whether that is during launch time group or the 'regular' forum.

Keep checking in every 30 minutes for new offers being posted, and keep scrolling down to see everything that has been launched throughout the timeframe in which you've been on the forum, which hopefully is ALL DAY
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