What is the meaning of your wine hobby?

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Leonard Maran
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Re: What is the meaning of your wine hobby?

#51 Post by Leonard Maran » June 28th, 2020, 8:02 pm

There is so much that I enjoy about wine, but I've never though of it as a hobby.

Gene M.
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Re: What is the meaning of your wine hobby?

#52 Post by Gene M. » June 28th, 2020, 8:31 pm

Wine to me is like a time capsule, a vehicle that values age, a sense of another place and moment.
The smell of sandalwood, the voice of Walter Cronkite narrating Gemini or Apollo, the heat from the tarmac after the 2nd tour in Viet Nam, the music on the radio, the movie at the cinema, 1st kiss, 1st kid, 1st grandkid, another surgery and the last funeral.

There aren't many things that people think improve with age, or that they value when they get old, or even frail or fragile.
I was having a conversation with a 25'ish old who asked me what the f*ck is so good about getting old?

Now it ain't so great getting old, but it might suck to think you decline in value to your self or others.

Maybe we should only drink our old wines with old f*ck, never shared it with the millenials. Grey Panthers!
G e n e m a t t e r

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