Marketing your wine in the US

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Mark C Johnson
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Marketing your wine in the US

#1 Post by Mark C Johnson » January 30th, 2012, 10:47 pm


Thanks for participating in the WB Special Wine Guests. A couple of years ago I saw the 2007 Montmains of Louis Michel wines at my local wine store here in Honolulu (Tamura's Wine Shop). After a little searching on various web sites which provided positive reviews I immediately went back to snap up a bunch of bottles which were very nicely priced. Since then I haven't seen any of your brand in this market. My question is what do you do to market your wine in the US and make sure your wine is available on a year after year basis. I have signed up with VinConnect but was hoping I could source your wines closer to home. Incidentally I opened a bottle of the Montmains a few months ago and it was delicious; seashell, crisp, salty and minerally, very nice. [cheers.gif]

Aloha, Mark
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Guillaume Michel
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Re: Marketing your wine in the US

#2 Post by Guillaume Michel » February 1st, 2012, 11:58 pm

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your message.
I will do my best so that there are more regular shipments to Hawaï.

And now with VinConnect you'll have access to our wines on a regular basis!

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