Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

Often the most expensive day for a Wine Berserker, whereby the deals from wineries and retailers fill the forum and make your credit cards scream for mercy...
Tim Dennis
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Re: Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

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I went for Sojourn (4 pinots) and Jemrose (Syrahs and Grenache). I am new and this was my first WB day, but it was very fun. Thanks for putting this together!

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Re: Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

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I bought:
Jemrose Syrah and Grenache pack
Buttonwood Farms Cab Franc
Split case of Stefania Haut Tubee
Split case of Halcon syrah
Mixed case from bestwines
2 mixed case of French and German from Down to earth
syrah and cuvee packs from Cabot
2 cases of Big Basin
Gotta finalize my Lagier/ Chesters order

Oh Dear I may have overcommitted [shock.gif]
Alston Williamson

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Dale Bowers
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Re: Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

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Dale Bowers wrote:Cabot, Sojourn, and Poe. And some coffee.

and Big Basin.

Rod Berglund
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Re: Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

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CJ Beazley wrote:Anyone know if Joseph Swan is offering this year?
I was either asleep at the wheel or just didn't get the memo. I will have to put it on the calendar for next year.

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Dave McIsaac
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Re: Are we having fun yet? What did you buy?

#105 Post by Dave McIsaac »

sdfruman wrote:
Todd F r e n c h wrote:
J. Singleton wrote:I wonder how Sheila is doing since she purchased from each offer? hahaha
She said there was at least one she didn't get...I think ;)

We certainly have our BerserkerDay All Star!
Well thanks for the honor, I will wear the crown proudly! flirtysmile [cheers.gif]
Final tally: Jean Edwards, Keating, Storyteller/Ayres, Kaella, Helio Terra, Fogline, Cellars 33, Tercero (split with David), EMH Black Cat (David gets one of 3), Cabot and of course a Wine Check! Believe it or not, AMEX called last evening to make sure I was the one making the purchases and that slowed me down. Have to buy Kutch today (first year on the ML!) but that's it for purchases for a while. Thanks to Todd, Jeb, and all the gang for a wonderful BD IV!
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You're the man Dave! I think i speak for all of us when i say that..😎 - John Cabot, BDXI

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