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Kris Patten
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Re: Paris 3 Star Michelin Lunch recs

#51 Post by Kris Patten » October 29th, 2019, 3:25 pm

Tom Chen wrote:
September 24th, 2019, 6:42 pm
Ended up doing lunch at Le Cinq. I loved the food, but service was not on par with a 3 star Michelin restaurant.

Started with four pieces of amuse bouche (favorite was the mushroom pizza) and then another amuse bouche in broth.

They then split the following a la carte items:

Foie Gras Like a Pebble - Foie wrapped in a miso-dough. Interesting and creative preparation and tasty, but I prefer sautéed.

Line-Fished Sea Bass with caviar and a mushroom - Broth was very flavorful. Fish was mild. Nice dish.

Black Market Beef from Australia - My favorite. Prepared medium rare and wrapped in truffled mozzarella cheese. Great flavors.

Ended with Iced Dark Chocolates and espresso.

Lasted about 2 1/2 hours and left very full.

I can post some pics if someone wants to tell me how.
Did it live up to your expectations? Please post some pics if you would.

Tom Chen
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Re: Paris 3 Star Michelin Lunch recs

#52 Post by Tom Chen » October 29th, 2019, 6:51 pm


It did on the food side, but not the service side. Wine in the middle, as the somm selected some nice wines by the glass that paired well with the dishes (sorry, don't remember the wines), but pricey (expected).

I do have pictures of the dishes, but don't know how to post those pictures here.

If someone shows me how, be happy to. The only sharing site they are on is Shutterfly and on my computer and iPhone.


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Philip Ente
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Re: Paris 3 Star Michelin Lunch recs

#53 Post by Philip Ente » March 13th, 2020, 12:28 pm

Charlie Fu would have loved this one at Arpege. See#18
Entire meal, including desert was Asparagus based

Brilliant, this man is a genius- asparagus sushi

I have met some of his sous-chefs and they relate that he is one of few great chefs that makes a great effort to teach. This is showing up based on some of the work of his students who have started their own restaurants.

MARS 2020

Transparence d'Asperge fleurie à l’huile d’olive de l’Alentejo
parmigiano reggiano

Sushi d’Asperge au parfum de feuille de laurier
riz Tsuyahime du Japon

Tartare de coquille Saint Jacques aux asperges croquantes
ail frais thermidrome

Asperge verte des Roques Hautes acidulée au kiwi

Fines ravioles potagères d'Asperge
eau d’asperge

Asperge rôtie au beurre salé au pomelos rose
caillé de lait de chèvre

Velouté d'Asperge blanc ivoire

Asperge blanche du domaine d’Uza
sauce hollandaise au citron de Fès

Asperge meunière à l'œuf mollet fumé
poivre noir Sarawak

Asperge « enrhubarbée »
éclats de bonbon berlingot

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Jerry Hey
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Re: Paris 3 Star Michelin Lunch recs

#54 Post by Jerry Hey » March 14th, 2020, 8:56 am

Le Cinq and Epicure are my two choices for lunch or dinner. Dinner at Epicure a couple weeks ago was as great an evening as you could ever want. Caviar on whipped potatoes and haddock, Foie gras and black truffle stuffed macaroni, veal with herb gnocchi, the most tender pigeon, and all that with friendly and impeccable service.

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